Farang Bar to drink

Mineral water Large or Small 30/15

Coke, Pepsi, sprite and Lipton ice tea 20

Diet coke 25

Manao soda 25

Sparkling tonic water 25

Red bull 20

Gatorade 30

Orange , pineapple , apple or tomato juice 60

Fruit shake 45

Fruit shake with yoghurt 55

ICED coffee/chocolate or coffee/chocolate shake 45

Hot drinks Hot Tea 40 baht for Malaysian Cameron Highland or Ceylon Sri Lankan

Green tea , ginger tea , Chinese tea 30

Regular black or white mug of coffee 40

Espresso / Dopio 35 / 50

Americano / Regular white 40

Hot chocolate 45


Farang Bar to get drunk


Heineken large/small 100/75

San Mig Light sm 85

Singha beer lge/sm 90/70

Tiger lge/sm 90/70

Leo lge/sm 90/70

Chang lge/sm 80/60

Chang (draught in a frozen glass) 65


Wine by the large glass

South African Red Merlot/Cab. Sauvignon blend 120

South African White Chardonnay/Colombard blend 120

Spy wine cooler Red or Classic 80


Shorts with mixer  - All 100 baht






Farang Bar Cocktails

Farang Bar Cocktail 100

Long Island Iced Tea 150

Mai Tai 120

Tequilla Sunrise 120

Pina Colada 120

Singapore Sling 120

Rum Punch 120

Margarita white/blue 120

Bloody Mary 120

Screw driver 120

Gin sling 120

Whisky sour 120

Black Russian / White Russian 120

B 52 120

Bombay Martini 150

Espresso Martini 150


Farang Bar food

Farang Bar breakfast

Plain yogurt 20

Toast with jam and butter 25

Eggs any style x 2 30

Ham, tomato, onion omelette 50

Fresh fruit salad 65

Muesli yoghurt 45

Cornflakes with milk 50

Muesli, fresh fruit and yoghurt 80

Porridge with honey and banana 65

Pancake with banana and sweet milk or honey or chocolate 65

Continental breakfast (toast, juice) coffee or tea 60

Cooked breakfast with fried onion, toast, 2 eggs, bacon or ham, sausages, fresh fruit or juice or tea 110



Farang Bar appetizers

Farang bar KFC (better than Colonel Sanders’ ) 100

Homemade Spring rolls 80

Deep fried prawns 100

Crispy vegetables 60

Tra-gra se sa-hang (crispy combination of prawns, spring rolls, wontons and vegetables) 120

Cashew nut 60

French fries or mash 60

Ka nom bang na kung (deep fried minced prawn on bread served with sweet vinegar sauce and cucumber) 75

Moo satay, Thai style (grilled pork with yellow curry powder and peanut sauce – sliced baguette) 80


Farang Bar home made soup






All soups are served with sliced baguette 60 baht


Farang Bar chef’s special

Sizzling Hot plate (sea food) 120 Served with bean sprout and spicy sauce

Fillet fish steak (with selection of deep fried or grilled or steamed vegetables, salad and French fries) 210

Beef fillet with homemade pepper sauce, French fries, garnish 250

Chicken fillet with creamy mushroom sauce, French fries, garnish 180

Pork steak in brown gravy sauce with French fries, garnish 180

Deep fried shrimp in bread crumbs with French fries, garnish 160

Hor mok talay seafood and vegetables in steamed coconut milk baked in foil 120

Beef or chicken burger with cheese served with French fries 150

KFC chicken Deep fried chicken served with French fries 150

Baked prawns with vermicelli noodle cooked with black pepper 150

Deep fried fish fillet with sweet and sour sauce 150



Baked potato or mash White , brown or pepper sauce


Farang Bar salad

Served with bread, extra cheese 20 bht .

Fruit salad with yoghurt served with variety of seasonal fruit 65

Green salad served with vegetables ,croutons and cashew nuts in home- made honey dressing 70

Cheese salad served with 2 sorts of cheese, tomato , cucumber , croutons. 70

Tuna salad served with onion, cucumber, tomato, cappers, and cashew nuts, lime with your choice of dressing 85

Chicken salad served with cucumber, mango and cashew nuts with a spicy curry dressing. 90

Bacon salad served with onion, cucumber , tomato, cappers and lime 90

Farang bar salad served with different kinds of vegs, cheese, seafood and meat 100

dressing 90

Seafood salad served with cucumber , dill and olives in a lime- garlic

Selection of salad dressings: mayonnaise , thousand island or vinaigrette


Farang Bar pasta

Spagetti Bolognese 100

Spagetti carbonara 100

Spagetti with tomato and vegetables 80

Garlic bread 45

Cheesy garlic bread 65

Spicy thai style spaghetti with chilli and hot basil

Chicken, pork or mixed vegetables 90

Shrimps, beef or seafood 120

Spicy thai style spaghetti with green curry sauce

Chicken, pork or mixed vegetables 90

Shrimps, beef or seafood 120

Pad thai spaghetti

Chicken, pork or mixed vegetables 90

Shrimps, beef or seafood 120


Twin toasties, Baguettes and Burgers

Egg baguette 55

Ham baguette 60

Cheese baguette 60

Chicken baguette 70

Tuna baguette 80

Bacon baguette 80

Beef baguette 100

Hawaii baguette 80

Toasties one/two

Cheese, tomato and onion toastie 55/95

Ham toastie 55/95

Tuna toastie 60/100

Ham and cheese toastie 65/100

Home made Burgers

Beef , chicken or tofu 80 or 60

French fries or mashed potato and gravy 70 bt

Home made Pies

Mince and onion 150

Steak and ale 150

Steak and kidney 150

Chicken and mushroom 150

Vegetable and blue cheese 150

French fries or mashed potato and gravy 70 bt


Farang Bar Thai spicy salads

ALL 80 baht for chicken , pork or vegetable 100 baht for seafood or beef

Pla goong

Grilled prawns with green and red onions, Thai herbs, chopped lemon grass and mint leaves mixed with special farang bar sauce

Yum woon sen

Noodle salad cooked with meat, glass noodle, onions and lime juice

Thai spicy tuna salad

Spicy cooked tuna with lettuce, onions, mint leaves and lime juice

Yum nuah beef salad

Grilled beef with green and red onions, cucumber, mint leaves and lime juice

Somtum mix fruit

Mixed fruit with lime juice, peanut and chilli, cooked with a special sauce


Farang Bar Thai style Curries

ALL 90 baht for chicken , pork or vegetable 100 baht for prawn or beef

Gaeng ped Fragrant Red curry

Sumptuous red chilli and cinnamon

Kiew wan Green curry with kaffir lime and aromatic fresh basil

Penang Rich dish with turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves

Massaman Farang Bar special

Cooked in mild southern muslim style with coconut milk and potatoes

Yellow curry

Cooked in a southern style with potato, flavours of lemongrass and coriander

Jungle curry

Spicy clear curry with vegetables and special Thai paste of galangal and ginger



Farang Bar Thai style soup

Tom kah coconut soup

A taste sensation with lime flavored coconut milk, galangal, tomato and onion

Tom yum spicy soup

Sour soup with mushrooms, lemon grass, chilli and lime juice

Geng jeud goes well WoonSen , Moo sup

Clear soup with vegetables with glass noodle , minced pork


Farang Bar stir fry


Pra ram long song

Steamed mixed vegetables in peanut sauce

Chicken, pork or vegetable - 90

Shrimp, fish, or seafood - 120

Pad king

Stir fried with oyster sauce, ginger and onion

Chicken or vegetable - 90

Shrimp, fish, beef or seafood - 100

Pad kra-phrao

Stir fry with chili and basil

Chicken, pork or veg - 90

Shrimp, fish, beef, or seafood - 100

Tod kra team

Garlic and pepper

Chicken, pork or veg - 90

Shrimp, fish, beef or seafood - 100

Num mun hoi

Stir fry with oyster sauce and veg

Chicken, pork or veg - 90

Shrimp, fish, beef or sea food - 100

Sweet and sour

Stir fry with mixed veg and pineapple

Chicken, pork or veg - 90

Shrimp, fish, beef or seafood - 100

Cashew nut chicken  - 90

Hot chilli and basil with eggplant

Chicken, pork or veg - 90

Prawn, fish, beef or seafood - 100

Kai jeeow (omelette)

Chicken, pork or veg - 50

Shrimp, fish, beef or seafood - 65

Farang Bar fried rice

Chicken, pork or veg - 80

Prawn, fish, beef or seafood - 90

Pineapple fried rice

Combination fried rice

Spicy fried rice

Kiew wan fried rice

Stir fried rice with curry paste

Fried rice with veg and eggplant


Steamed rice - 10

Steamed plain noodle - 10


Farang bar noodles and soups

Chicken, pork or veg 80

Beef, prawn, fish or seafood 90

Pad Thai

Pan fried noodles with tofu, eggs, peanuts and bean sprouts

Pad see yew

Pan fried noodles with broccoli, black soybean and egg

Rad nah noodles

Pan fried noodles with broccoli in gravy sauce

Pad woon sen

Pan fried jelly noodles with eggs, veg

Spicy noodle tom yum soup

Noodle tom kah

Noodle, coconut soup

Clear noodle soup